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SellYourKnife is dedicated to offering those interesting, hard-to-find, and limited-edition blades that expand your collection. Our expert curators provide fast delivery and speedy processing of each order you place, so you get the knife of your dreams right to your doorstep. With our full product insurance and years of experience working in the industry and visiting trade shows, we provide the exceptional customer service and peace of mind you need to buy, sell, or trade

Sergey Shirogorov F95T - folding knife

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Scott Cook Lochsa and Shirogorov Stellaris sold by SellYourKnife

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Our expert team at SellYourKnife is based in sunny North Carolina, serving knife enthusiasts around the globe with well-made and hard-to-find pieces. We are the trusted liaison between buyers, sellers, and traders to ensure you avoid those costly scams and get the rare knives you’ve always wanted.

Feel free to browse our current selection for those rare items you cannot find anywhere else. You can also visit our Sell Your Knife page, where we will make an offer on your blade or list your item on our site once we’ve verified the knife. Our Most Wanted section is a great way to judge the value of the blade you have to sell, as you’ll find many buyers looking for items that may be collecting dust in your closet.

Please contact our team if you have any questions about buying, selling, or trading knives on our advanced knife marketplace. We look forward to being your trusted resource for exceptional blades.

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